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Better Gift, Great Promotion

No more shipping cost or tedious operation like paper voucher Customer can receive it in their smart phone without App or user registration

giftee is for your efficient business

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Reduce Promotion Cost

If compared with paper vouchers, all those cost are not needed, inventory management, shipping cost, labor cost for delivery. Thus, able to run promotion with saving cost.


Real-time Delivery

If compared with physical items delivery, able to shorten the lead time for delivery to customer by sending via messaging app.


More Winners within the Budget

Able to maximize number of winners within the same budget by giving small incentives from RM 10. It can brings more participants by motivating customers with large numbers of winners.

More than 50 E-Vouchers

Starbucks - Drink Voucher (Grande)

Drink Voucher (Grande)


Starbucks - RM 20 Cash Vouche

RM 20 Cash Vouche


Starbucks - RM 50 Cash Vouche

RM 50 Cash Vouche


Starbucks - RM 100 Cash Voucher

RM 100 Cash Voucher


Tealive - RM 7 Cash Voucher

RM 7 Cash Voucher


Tealive - RM 10 Cash Voucher

RM 10 Cash Voucher


FamilyMart - RM 10 Cash Voucher

RM 10 Cash Voucher


FamilyMart - RM 20 Cash Voucher

RM 20 Cash Voucher


FamilyMart - RM 10 Oden Voucher

RM 10 Oden Voucher


FamilyMart - Sofuto Voucher (RM 3.90)

Sofuto Voucher (RM 3.90)


Baskin Robbins - RM 10 Cash Voucher

RM 10 Cash Voucher

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins - Signle Regular Voucher

Signle Regular Voucher

Baskin Robbins


Send via any Messaging App

Corporates can send the unique URL in WhatsApp, email, SMS, etc...

Open in Web Browser & Redeem at Stores

Customers can click the link and open the ticket with bar code No Apps, No User Registrations are needed for redemption

Delivery Method


API Integration Bulk URLs in Excel file

Corporates can complete delivery to customers just by sending it in the email or messaging Apps

api integrate

API Integration

Corporate's system can generate URL real-time with API integration API is recommended for real-time generation or long-term promotion


Q. Is there any MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) ?

A. Yes, our MOQ is 30 pcs for bulk purchase.

Q. Do you add a handling fee for E-Voucher purchase?

A. No, our pricing is basically face value of E-Voucher amount, except for some items.

Q. Are there expiration dates for E-Voucher?

A. Yes, each brand has their own expiry period, please contact us for the detail.